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Kish Trade Promotion Center                                    

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Kish Overview

About Kish Island

History of Kish Island

Kish Climate

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Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers

Behkish Bazar
Pars Khalij Bazar

Paniz Bazar

Pardise Bazar 1
Pardise Bazar 2
Zayton Bazar
Saffain Bazar
Marjan Bazar
Morvarid Bazar
Maryam Bazar
Hormoz Bazar
Trade Center Bazar
Venus Bazar

Kish Industry

Industrial Investment

Food Industries

Agriculture Industries

Health & Cosmetic

Textile Industries

Electrical Equipment

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Vehicles& Equipment


Building Materials

Other Industries

 Investment in Kish

Investment Regulations

Tourism Industry

Trade in Kish

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مرکز توسعه تجارت کيش  1381 - 1384